02 Mar 2008

“Can I Buy/Sell a Home Without Being Present?”

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Another question posed on Trulia but that I’ve been asked before and thought was relevant;

“Can I buy or sell a home without being physically present?”

Typically, the answer is yes. If you inform your closing company or attorney early in the process, it is usually not extremely difficult to draft up documents that allow a “power of attorney” in your absence. If all of the parties on one side of the transaction will be absent (i.e. both Mr. and Mrs. Seller) this can be a little more difficult because a separate, trusted individual must be chosen, and this person will need to be present in your absence. Regardless of which parties will be absent, this is something that should be discussed with your attorney or closing company immediately, to avoid delay of closing.

We are now beginning to see entire transactions occur electronically, and as this becomes more commonplace it will definitely make these scenarios easier.

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